Sertem Organik Ltd. Company does bring you the tasty, quality and healthy organic foods that you have been missing from the ecologic projects established at each part of Turkey. During production human and environment are taken into consideration. Our company, whose dynamic and expert staff who can provide service in every place of Turkey pays attention to the other works in recent years in order to widen its range of products. So our products are processed in fason agreement manegements and wraped at our customers pleasure. Our company has the capability with our dynamic an experienced personnel to produce and offer you dried tomatoes, grilled or fermented preserved products, fruit pastes, dried fruit-vegetables, frozen commodities just like you might like and request. The products are processed at our subcontracted facilities. We pack according to our customer’s wishes. All the products under the range of Sertem Organik Ltd. Company that we produced , with a high quality, are rarely seen in the world by our organic producers under the survey of our experienced agricultural engineers. Samples taken our analysed at Internationally recognised laboratories. Sertem Organik Ltd. Company does follow the whole process on its own farm to consumer, producing in accordance to the Codex. Offering you quality products. Since 2007 Sertem Organik Ltd. Company does work to answer the food quality demands of the customers. **strong text**

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